Whether you like it or not, your school already has a brand. How your school is perceived by its customers ultimately creates that brand, so if those perceptions are poor or no longer represent your vision, you need to change them.

A bespoke service

Whether you need a logo re-drawn, a fresh set of business cards or are having a complete re-brand, we offer a range of design services for all needs and budgets. We can help you communicate your message more effectively so your brand is clear, reliable, and believable to both your customers and your staff.

The process

We’ve outlined the key stages of the branding process below. In essence, it’s made up of the following:

  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Application
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Our re-branding service is often used as part of a bigger project, normally including a website, photo shoot etc. To see how we can help you, contact 0203 397 5222 to arrange your free consultation.


We start the process with an unbiased and honest assessment of your existing brand, so you can determine how your school is currently perceived by its customers. This would include research, competitor analysis, challenges and threats etc. Only once you understand your perceived strengths and weaknesses, can you accurately gauge your place amongst your competition.

  • Your School

  • School A

  • School B

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The fun begins! This stage starts with defining the key messages we need to communicate. These messages then help form the mission and vision statements. We then explore other aspects of the “corporate identity” such as logo, colour theory and digital language. Once these have been created, we ensure a consistent application of the new brand by providing “brand guidelines”.


Finally it’s time to apply your new brand across each media and marketing channel. Whether it be a new website, signage, prospectus or stationary, our print and web teams will incorporate your new brand guidelines into every design and application.