During September 2012, the Government changed “The School Information Regulations”. This means that schools are now required to publish a greater amount of information online and no longer have to produce a paper prospectus. The purpose of this service is to audit your existing website to ensure that you not only meet with the new legislation, but have an outstanding website when Ofsted comes knocking.


We create a report that states where you are failing to meet the current legislation, along with recommendations on how to achieve compliance. The report uses a “traffic light system” against each one of the requirements; Green = In place, Amber = Partially in place and Red = Not in place.

The statutory requirements represent the legal minimum that schools have to include by law, and Ofsted will interpret the legislation as a baseline. However, we don’t just want your website to pass the minimum requirement; we want you to be “outstanding” in the eyes of Ofsted and your stakeholders.

Due to this we conduct a further audit of your website against what we believe makes a “desirable (Ofsted – Good)” and “outstanding (Ofsted – Outstanding)” school website.


£300 per report